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You have options when it comes to how and where to meet your health needs. At LIV MED in Arlington, Texas, Nadeen Soederbaum, MD, offers a membership structure for patients who prefer this model. The practice offers a range of options to meet virtually every set of needs. To learn more, book an initial visit online or over the phone.  

Memberships Q & A

What are the benefits of family medicine and aesthetics memberships?

A membership structure helps you know what to expect in terms of expense when it comes to your health and wellness. It’s a wonderful fit for people who don’t have insurance coverage yet want access to high-quality primary care family medicine. 

Working with a health professional is a great way to achieve improvements over time. This is especially true if you have one or more chronic health conditions. 


What is available within LIV MED memberships?

LIV MED has a range of membership levels to choose from, each with a set of defined services. 

LIV Medical

This level entitles you to the following benefits:


  • Unlimited connections with your practitioner by email or phone
  • One executive physical per year (includes EKG)
  • Discount on labs and additional medical services
  • Discount on medical aesthetics treatments
  • Family discount of 10% off the total monthly membership fees

LIV Lite

This level entitles you to the following benefits:


  • Initial consultation (30-minute visit)
  • Customized nutrition and exercise plan
  • Weekly follow-up visits (in-person or telehealth)

LIV Luxe Aesthetics

This membership focuses on aesthetic services and includes:

  • 20% off all medical aesthetic services
  • The use of accumulated monthly fees that can be used to cover the cost of aesthetic treatments

Pricing (per month) is currently as follows:

  • LIV Medical - $69 
  • LIV Lite - $120
  • LIV Luxe Aesthetics - $150

If you need help choosing a level, the team at LIV MED is happy to assist. 


Can I offer LIV MED memberships to my employees?

LIV MED offers a monthly membership option for employers who want to make health care available to their employees. The administration staff can help explain the various options and guide you toward what aligns with your needs. 

Concierge medicine is another choice. This model provides easy access to your health practitioner without having to schedule an appointment weeks in advance. This is a great fit for busy executives as well as parents trying to make their health a priority in the face of numerous time demands. 

When you’re ready to look through available options, reach out to LIV MED online or over the phone to schedule a personalized consultation.